Puzzolana SANDER - High-Performance Sand Making Machine

Capacity Chart

Motor Power Rating in KWNormal feed
opening in mm
Throughput capacities in T.P.H at closed side setting in mm
SANDER 11020060100-130105-150115-165130-185

Note: The minimum CSS setting is decided by the chamber selection (extra coarse/coarse/medium) and operating conditions. The capacity figures indicated in the chart are approximate total throughput based on the continuous regular feed having bulk density of 1.6 Tons/Cu.M. Actual capacity will vary depending on the type of material, feed gradation, moisture content and other site specific operating conditions.


  • Unique design of mantle & profile for fine CSS setting.
  • Finite Element Analysis for accuracy & simulation.
  • High safety standards with CE certification.
  • Designed to meet the increased demand/requirements of fine aggregates.
  • Operates at low CSS 6-20mm.
  • Produces 150 microns percentage within the specified limits of Indian standards.

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